New firmware version 1.2.1 Soft Control for X2 extreme and BoX2 extreme


We are happy to announce the release of of the new image for X2 extreme and BoX2 extreme devices. This release includes a few bug fixes but focuses mainly on paving the way for Soft Control/Soft PLC on X2 extreme. With this release, we start a new journey in supporting CODESYS Soft PLC in our rugged series of HMI and IOT devices. All X2 extreme devices, labeled ‘SC’ has built in support for CODESYS Soft PLC.

What’s new in version 1.2.1?


The touch has been greatly improved to avoid ghost touches. The probability for ghost touches was already very low but with this version, we are confident that the probability for ghost touch is extremely low, i.e. we are confident they will never happen.

The image has support for both Virtual COM as well as Direct FTDI drivers. Switching between virtual COM and Direct driver has to be carried out in the Diagnostics page on the panel. An example on how to implement the FTDI Direct driver in iX Developer can be downloaded from our File Archive.

Support for non-English keyboards
From this release, we will support both Swedish and German keyboards if they are attached to the USB port.

Freezing problems at startup (IPNat)
Several customers reported an issue which was eventually discovered as a problem related to IPNat. This problem is now fixed in version 1.2.1.

Diagnostics page
The Diagnostics page has been updated with new features.

Media player
The iX Media player has been improved.

SD Card handling
We have made some improvements of the SD Card handling.

Backlight flickering
The backlight dimming has been improved to avoid flickering problems.

Any BoX2 extreme or X2 extreme with the SC suffix has built in support for CODESYS Soft PLC. SC devices has CODESYS Runtime pre-installed from factory.Download
The new image can be downloaded from our file archive here.

Versions: X2 extreme 1.2, BoX2 extreme 1.2.1, X2 extreme 1.2.1 SC, BoX2 extreme 1.2.1 SC
Build number: b287
Codesys version: 3.5 SP13, patch 3. (