Webinar - Web applications with X2 web

Level: Introduction

The X2 web HMIs within the X2 pro and X2 extreme series are perfect HMIs for enterprises and users who wants to utilize HTML5 web technologies in industrial environments. The X2 web HMIs enable enterprises to visualize the same web content across different target platforms such as HMI, mobile, tablet, pc, etc. without any conversion or re-engineering.

The X2 web HMIs offer visualization with Chromium Kiosk mode operation of single browser window web pages from SCADA systems, PLCs or other devices with built-in web servers. The X2 web HMIs have the same industrial grade quality hardware as the iX based X2 pro and X2 extreme HMIs offering extensive certification and environmental durability. 

Join our webinar and learn:

  • Why and how to integrate web technologies in your industrial application 
  • Best practice use cases of industrial web applications
  • How to connect X2 web with our PLCs and other devices with built-in web servers using CODESYS WebVisu
  • Integrate to cloud solution and SCADA-systems

Recorded session:

Webinar: Web applications with X2 web (LANGUAGE ENGLISH) Duration: 17 minutes 

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