Webinar - Create a fully flexible and complete servo solution

Level: Introduction

Using BoX2 pro motion in your application enables you to create the exact solution needed to match your task. BoX2 pro motion is a dedicated CODESYS based motion controller with an EtherCAT fieldbus. No specialist knowledge is required. Take advantage of our pre-made templates and code with all the basic functionality included, and create complex servo applications. A fully flexible solution that handles the majority of servo applications and combines well with our broad range of servo products, as well as all kinds of EtherCAT based products. Competitive performance, competitive pricing and no additional costs for programming software licenses. 

In this webinar we will look at:

  • Why use a servo from Beijer Electronics and what benefits are there
  • Product overview and typical setups 
  • Demo: Template functionality and application example

Recorded session:

 WEBINAR:  Create a fully flexible and complete servo solution (LANGUAGE ENGLISH) Duration: 26 minutes


This is the source code for the demo that was showed during the webinar on April 23rd 2020. Please use Codesys 3.5 SP 13 Patch 30 and iX Developer 2.40 SP 4 to view the files. Download files here.

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