Webinar - Cloud, wireless or remote access. Your choice.

Level: Introduction

No matter how or where you want to store and access your data, Beijer Electronics offer a solution. 

Send data to the cloud directly to our acirro+ platform, or to Cloud MQTT, Amazon, Ali Cloud or any other well recognized cloud platform provider using MQTT.  The acirro+ cloud platform is a perfect match for our X2 HMIs and BoX2 devices which are now IIoT ready by standard, and fully prepared to move your machine data to the cloud. With a Nexto PLC in your application you will be able to report machine performance data or report alarms and send data via Node red to e.g. WhatsApp. 

Our LoRa wireless communication devices communicate with distributed equipment e.g. pump stations, gate control, drill rigs, etc. without needing to draw new cables.

This webinar will introduce you to several different ways and technologies to boost your data communication skills. 

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why you need a cloud solution
  • How you will enable remote updates
  • How to improve your operations with new functions 
  • The benefits of LoRa communication network

Recorded session:

Webinar: Cloud, wireless or remote access. Your choice. (LANGUAGE ENGLISH) Duration: 19 minutes


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