5G and the future of industrial automation

5G - the 5th generation mobile network - has arrived, and it has the potential to change the way we live. Its ability to deliver high data-speeds, combined with ultra-low latency and massive network capacity is already driving bold technical advances. Autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, AI and augmented reality - most modern innovations rely on strong, fast and reliable connectivity. But 5G is also enhancing personal and commercial communications, changing the way businesses work in terms of accessing, storing, sharing and protecting data. 

Private 5G networks in an industrial setting 

5G’s increased capacity has huge potential for industry. Thousands of devices on a factory floor can be connected, helping manufacturers to transform productivity and make the right decisions in real-time using data from multiple sources. 5G’s low latency also makes it possible to vastly increase precision and accuracy, enhancing the work done by Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and other complex machines.

Large manufacturers are already starting to invest in private 5G infrastructure which does not leverage public 5G networks. This removes any requirement to share bandwidth with other users and means data transmission can be achieved over great distances with optimized strength and reliability. Private 5G networks can be built independently from other WiFi and 3G or 4G cellular connections which makes them inaccessible to outside devices. This, in turn, means cyber security threats are reduced compared to typical wireless networks.  

While initial set-up costs for private 5G infrastructure can be very high, they balance out quickly. Physical wiring across vast areas is expensive, complex and cumbersome, and the associated maintenance and engineering costs are greatly reduced once 5G is installed. 

Beijer Electronics and 5G industrial automation

For Beijer Electronics, working with manufacturers in a range of industries, 5G creates a world of opportunity. In many industrial environments, manufacturers need to generate connectivity between diverse sub-systems working in isolation. Industry 4.0 has enabled greater system compatibility, and now 5G can help achieve faster, more reliable data transmission that improves productivity.

Beijer Electronics has been working with a leading global semiconductors manufacturer on a project that is harnessing 5G to optimize its production capacity and predict maintenance. Together with sister company Korenix, which specializes in high-end data communications, Beijer Electronics’ Operational Technology solutions are starting to show how much of a game-changer 5G is in vast industrial environments.  

This project is helping Beijer Electronics develop its software and hardware solutions across four prioritized segments, all of which have huge potential as the global shift towards 5G gathers pace: 

Manufacturing - 5G will enable the continuing digitalization of the Manufacturing industry, including the modernizing of machines and supply chains. Beijer Electronics hardware and software helps to deliver solutions that enable connectivity across the factory floor. 

Marine - The Marine industry is reliant on secure connectivity in tough environments. Beijer Electronics solutions offer fast and secure data communication that supports the refurbishment of old fleets, and the electrification and globalization of the industry.

Energy - Beijer Electronics is focused on the development of green technology and renewable energy production and distribution. Applications such as solar power and charging stations for Electric Vehicles are reliant on 5G to operate effectively at scale.

Infrastructure - 5G is at the heart of urbanization and the drive towards a future of modern buildings, automated transport networks and, ultimately, entire smart cities that are powered by a central mobile network with unmatched speed and resilience. 

Preparing for a 5G future

Beijer Electronics is already well on the way to showcasing the potential 5G has when it comes to industrial automation. But, beyond industry, 5G will have a huge impact on every part of our lives, opening the door to exciting technical innovation and revolutionizing global business. From video communications to transportation to public safety - many systems and solutions will be powered by 5G and offer almost limitless connectivity.


5G gateway

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