Tidy Planet offers sustainable organic and cost-effective food waste solutions

Tidy Planet are food waste experts, delivering organic waste solutions to provide their customers sustainable and cost-effective ways to deal with waste on their premises.

Tidy Planet offer customers a wide range of safe solutions to turn food waste into nutritious compost, reducing the waste in mass & volume and even systems to generate energy from organic wastes & used cooking oil.

Customer case: Tidy Planet are food waste experts, using HMI’s and control systems.

This video focus on how Tidy Planet produce products for commercial food waste recycling, energy generation and disposal. Using X2 control 7, X2 control 10 with Crevis remote I/O, and remote access with Tosibox Lock 500 Tidy Planet has been able to meet their customers’ need of visualising processes and logging data without the need to exchange the full technical setup. With the integrated CODESYS control system they control temperatures, motors and the visualization of the processes through Beijer Electronics X2 control HMI’s.

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