Perfection in production with WebIQ

A global leader and manufacturer of bolted solutions, faced the challenge of orchestrating a diverse array of more than twenty-five machines. Driven by a commitment to elevate performance insight, ensure flexible access, and integrate data for analysis, the company found a partner in Beijer Electronics and our WebIQ solution.

WebIQ in production

The company is a global leader in bolted solutions and manages a production facility with more than twenty-five machines.

The challenge

In response to the challenge faced by a manufacturing company operating an expansive production setup with more than twenty-five machines from various vendors, the pursuit of digitalization was driven by a commitment to achieve:

  • Performance insight
    Providing the company with a detailed overview of both the aggregated performance of the entire production plant and the individual machines.
  • Flexible access
    Enabling the workforce to access the production overview on a mobile phones, tablets, etc. to ensure a dynamic and responsive environment.
  • Data integration for analysis
    Transfer key production data to a centralized IT system within the factory, to facilitate deeper analysis and decision-making.

Seamless integration, universal compatibility

In response to a complex manufacturing landscape, Beijer Electronics emerged as a partner providing a solution that not only addressed the specific requirements but also underscored the advantages of embracing innovative technology.

To access key production data a BoX2 protocol converter or an X2 operator panel was installed on each machine. With more than seventy communication drivers, the BoX2 protocol converter can communicate with most PLCs on the market. The iX application program in the BoX2 standardized the production data from the various PLC brands at different machines into a common data model.

WebIQ application

BoX2 devices translate data from various PLC brands and send key production data to WebIQ clients such as mobiles, tablets, etc.

On machines where the production team wanted an enhanced user experience, the existing HMIs were replaced with X2 HMI panels from Beijer Electronics, with similar data conversion capabilities as the BoX2 protocol converter.

The iX application program in both the BoX2 protocol converters and the X2 HMI panels translates the PLC data into the defined data model and communicates via OPC UA to a WebIQ client.

Furthermore, all machines in the plant send production data via MQTT to the company’s BI and ERP software system for analysis, documentation, and continuous improvements.

Unifying data for enhanced accessibility with WebIQ

WebIQ is Beijer Electronics 100% web-based HMI solution, fully responsive and platform independent. In this application WebIQ transforms approximately fifty key data sets from each machine into easy-to-read graphic elements on pre-defined screens in WebIQ, accessible on a variety of HTML5-enabled devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.


With device-independent information screens, WebIQ provides both machine operators and maintenance personnel the information they need.

To uphold data security, encrypted communication (TLS - Open SSL) between WebIQ clients and devices were employed. This measure effectively prevented unauthorized access to production data, establishing a robust and secure communication channel.

Empowering users with flexibility

WebIQ not only unifies data but also empowers users. It caters to both machine operators and maintenance personnel, providing the flexibility to interact or access status information without being confined to a specific location within the production facility.

The WebIQ application enables operators to monitor both the performance of specific machines and also get an overview of the performance of the entire production.

Orchestrating operational excellence

In embracing Beijer Electronics' solution, the manufacturing company achieved transparency in productivity and workflow. Beyond individual machines, this overview extends across the entire production chain. Simultaneously, all key data finds its place in the company's IT systems, empowering further analysis and optimization for sustained operational excellence.

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