Hyundai Heavy Industries reduces carbon footprint and enhances security with new control solution

Hyundai Heavy Industries

In response to the growing complexity of the world with multiple challenges, Hyundai Heavy Industries has chosen to evolve from being merely a shipbuilder to becoming a high-tech-focused “future builder” company developing solutions for decarbonization and digitalization.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) is the world’s largest builder of marine engines, with 35% of the world's market share in diesel engines for marine and stationary purposes.

In many ways, an engine is the heart of a ship and accounts for more than 10% of its cost. Based on outstanding technology and an efficient engine control system with crystal clear visualization, HHI's engines have been competing with world-class engine makers' products.

Developing secure and smart engine control systems

Beijer Electronics and HHI have begun working together to develop an engine control system that is significantly more intelligent and secure. To enhance and improve their control solution, HHI has chosen the X2 pro panels from Beijer Electronics.

To gain further insights, HHI is integrating global maritime data with powerful AI analytics in the development of a digitalized visualization system. This initiative aims to reduce costs for shipping companies and minimize the overall carbon footprint. Beijer Electronics’ IIoT ready solution plays a pivotal role in its implementation. With a commitment as a future builder, HHI is opening a world of possibilities to reduce its carbon footprint.

Enhancing maritime reliability

HHI has chosen Beijer Electronics' X2 pro series HMIs with iX developer software as the standard solution for demanding marine engine control. This decision ensures top-tier reliability, with a focus on maritime durability, even under harsh conditions like vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures.

Within this comprehensive solution, Marine Engine Control System, based on the Beijer Electronics X2 pro 12 panel, offers key advantages. These include high reliability, robust operational durability, responsive technical improvement, and featuring DNV cyber security for highly customized needs.

To optimize engine control systems for optimal fuel efficiency, fine-tuning variable parameters, and provide real-time engine protection, customer feedback also notes a reduction in control panel size and efficient cable arrangement, minimizing the system's footprint. HHI expect their engines to run perfectly well using up to 35% hydrogen fuel and plan to have a 100% hydrogen-powered tri-fuel engine by 2025.

Hyundai Heavy Industries

In this comprehensive total solution, Beijer Electronics brings a range of strengths to the table that further enhance HHI's capabilities:

  • Strong support for UI design.
  • C# script for customized alarm management.
  • Connection to SCADA using index feature for selective/collectively monitoring.
  • C# script for recipe data (CSV format), save & load feature.
  • C# script for DNV level cyber security features.

In the realm of technical support, Beijer Electronics offers DNV cyber security features with customized C# scripts, a vector-based object library for crystal-clear screens, and more. These features find application in engine applications, where hardware capabilities, as well the ability to handle vibration and shock, are key components of delivering confidence.

Growing business with Hyundai Group

Through Hyundai Group affiliates, particularly Hyundai Welding, Beijer Electronics has secured additional business, with the X2 control 15 HMI panel and iX software for ballast water treatment systems. Looking ahead, further collaboration opportunities with other subsidiaries within the Hyundai Group are expected.

Hyundai Heavy Industries


Customer challenges:

Develop a secure digitalized visualization system for engine control system integrating global maritime data with powerful AI analytics to reduce costs and minimize the overall carbon footprint.

Why Beijer Electronics:

X2 pro series HMIs ensures top-tier reliability under harsh conditions
iX software provides strong support for UI design
C# script for customized functionality and DNV level cyber security

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