Florvaag Elektronikk offer flexible monitor control system for fishing boats and commercial vessels

Florvaag Elektronikk in Norway, specialize in equipment for navigation, communication and fish-finding. The Florvaag Monitor Control System (FMCS) is their highly modular and flexible monitor system for fishing boats and commercial vessels.

The FMCS system is controlled through an X2 marine 7" HMI panel running iX HMI software, to control and adjust all the different monitors on the bridge, including marine monitors Wave II from Beijer Electronics.

The HMI panel controlling the monitors, is placed within the operators reach for ease of operation. The X2 marine panels with black frame and marine certifications, are designed for mounting on the bridge and in other onboard applications. In Florvaag’s solution, people on the bridge can dim one monitor at a time, or dim in different groups. The operator can also switch content on the monitors with a single touch on the X2 screen to quickly make the required information available.

Florvaag Elektronikk’s customers can choose additional functionality to their FMCS solution, such as common control of up to 8 monitors controlled by one mouse or keyboard, easily selected and controlled on the X2 HMI panel. Another option is remote control from an iOS and Android device, enabling free, flexible control of FMCS from anywhere on the bridge.


Learn more about the products used in Florvaags solution:

X2 marine HMI from Beijer Electronics


X2 marine HMIs

X2 marine panels offer user-friendly, reliable operation off-shore, on ships and in other maritime applications. With black frame and nautical society certifications, panels are suitable for mounting on the bridge, in the engine room and inside cabins. X2 marine panels are available with optional high brightness display and integrated CODESYS PLC functionality. >>Read more


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With highly skilled personnel and a wide product portfolio of reliable hardware and software solutions, we are the perfect supplier for marine systems found in any kind of vessel or offshore installation. The combination of modern technology, extensive marine certifications, communication drivers for all automation brands and industry know-how makes our product solutions the natural choice for safe operation at sea. >>Read more

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