Tailwind in China with efficient HMIs

Dongfang Electric Corporation

Dongfang Electric Corporation is one of China’s largest industrial companies. Among the many activities within the Group, a major is the manufacturing of plants for energy production. Today Dongfang Electric Corporation is rated as the third largest supplier of wind turbines in China. For the HMI solution of the wind turbine control systems Dongfang Electric Corporation searched for a supplier that could offer a robust panel with sufficient network facilities at a competitive price. Vital elements in the decision making were, that the HMI solution should be easy to configure and operate, and that the supplier should be able to match Dongfang Electric Corporation's demand for local support with high availability.



Usability and demands for local support were vital when Chinas’ third largest supplier of wind turbines, Dongfang Electric Corporation, searched for a supplier of HMI solutions.


Dongfang Electric Corporation chose Beijer Electronics’ HMIs, which combine rugged construction with good performance and design. The solution provides sufficient network facilities at a competitive price.


Today Dongfang Electric Corporation can deliver its wind turbines with full control and overview of the operation. The operator panels make all necessary data visible at all time. In addition, Beijer Electronics provides local support.