Automation solutions

Automation solutions

Accomplish advanced automation challenges while reducing complexity and engineering time through smart, open, industry solutions.

Automation is about combining hardware and software into smart functional solutions. Open iX and CODESYS-based software give engineers, system integrators and others the choice of different hardware platforms to match their specific application requirements while simplifying integration. This approach allows for scaling a solution to future needs. Employ communication and data exchange with other systems and a wide range of options such as hardwired, wireless or cloud based. to maximize efficiency. Use ready-made, well-proven function blocks and template projects to reduce engineering time. All with the purpose of creating smart, open automation solutions.

The philosophy behind our automation solutions can be compared with something you may recognize from home. Think of the remote controls for your home devices. You have one remote for the TV, one for the DVD, one for the CD player – and then there are universal remote controls, that can communicate with all devices, all brands. We are the universal option.


Magnus Buhre,
Global Product Manager,
Automation solutions


BFI mobile

An intuitive and easy-to-use smartphone app which provides wireless configuration and monitoring of the BFI product range.


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We were thrilled to find a perfect solution that not only handles data but also helps maintain the production system and improves our performance.

Pammy Hsaio, Assistant Manager IT department, PAHSCO


How everything fits perfectly together

In this overview you will find the different control systems, their related products, which segments they fit well in to, the associated programming tool and the available communication protocols.


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Get a head start with Smart engineering

Smart engineering resources are ready-made program snippets and functions that cover anything from script modules, iX Developer screens and templates, BCS Tools examples, iX demo projects, a function for a sensor, to complete industry solutions. All tested and well-documented. With Smart engineering resources, we want to make the knowledge and best practices of our support and field application engineers available in a format that is easy to access and easy to integrate in your projects.


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