Sustainability and datafication at sea

Our products and solutions support a sustainable marine industry with datafication of onboard applications.

Our equipment is well suited for collecting data from various aspects of marine operations. Analysis of collected data will help to identify trends and patterns and lead to improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Sustainability and reducing fossil fuel emissions are the biggest drivers in the marine industry today. Several different approaches are now being launched to reduce a vessel's carbon footprint, and advanced automation equipment is essential for success.


Our goal is to support the marine industry in becoming more efficient and data-driven, reducing costs, improving safety, and helping the environment.

Our products and solutions are often integrated into many of the functions onboard including concepts for reducing emissions or other IMO demands, and we have many references from various parts of the marine industry. Read more how our certified components are suitable for technical systems and complying with international maritime regulations.

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Solutions for decarbonization and digitalization

In response to the growing complexity of the world with multiple challenges, Hyundai Heavy Industries has chosen to evolve from being merely a shipbuilder to becoming a high-tech-focused “future builder” company developing solutions for decarbonization and digitalization.

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Scrubbers - reduce negative impacts on the environment

Scrubbers remove ship engine exhaust pollutants by spraying a water-chemical mixture, neutralizing harmful emissions. The resulting mixture is treated through neutralization to remove pollutants. Scrubbers reduce harmful emissions such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter, known to cause air pollution, acid rain, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Electric boats - cutting-edge tech increase efficiency and reduce emissions

Electric ship propulsion is the future of the maritime industry. It offers benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and better power management. Renewable energy sources like solar or wind power can be easily integrated, further improving sustainability. Although still in the early stages, the future looks promising. Join the revolution today!

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OpenBridge - user interface design adapted to maritime use

OpenBridge is a safe user interface design system for ships, which considers modern design principles, regulations and critical use situations. It provides guidelines on the best colors and fonts for readability in critical situations. Beijer Electronics offers X2 HMI and WebIQ web-based HMI software templates following OpenBridge standards.

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Technologies for cybersecurity and connectivity

Communication drivers for almost any equipment

Unlock the full potential of your industrial automation systems with the communication drivers in iX! Drivers bridge the gap between different protocols and technologies, allowing your devices and systems to work together seamlessly. Imagine being able to easily exchange information between all of your devices and systems, without any hassle. With communication drivers, you can!

Not only that, but communication drivers can also provide additional functionality such as data logging and error handling, to improve the overall performance and reliability of your industrial automation systems. Don't let communication barriers hold you back, take advantage of our extended range of communication drivers today!


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The marine industry is increasingly relying on advanced control systems to support the operation of ships, and these systems are often connected to networks and other systems that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As a result, it is important for organizations in the marine industry to adopt best practices for securing their control systems, and the IEC 62443 standards provide a useful framework for doing so. Cybersecurity measures according to IEC 62443 will most likely be made mandatory by International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) for ships from 1. January 2024.

Already today marine customers are addressing this issue. Beijer Electronics has adapted to DNV Cyber security level SP1 for the X2-series, please visit our Smartstore for downloading the iX CyberSecurity Extension.

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Get a head start with Smart engineering

Smart engineering resources are ready-made software building blocks and cover anything from simple application functions to complete solutions. They are real-world FAE experience compressed into downloads. Readily available in our SmartStore.

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