Touch-friendly objects

Save screen space and make your application more efficient to navigate by using objects controlled via scroll and swipe gestures.

Roller panel

The Roller Panel object is used to display predefined texts for certain tag values in an intuitive and touch-friendly way to provide safer operation. This tool can easily be profiled in line with your machine or brand, and adapted to meet specific needs.

  • Controlled by gestures
  • Title on/off
  • Adjustable scroll sensitivity
  • Loop scroll enable
  • Read/writeable or disable operator input

Slider object

The slider object can be used to adjust a numeric value. The slider sets a value to a connected tag. If the tag value changes for other reasons, the slider control handle will show the actual value in runtime.

Touch Combo Box/Touch List Box

The customizable and gesture-controlled Touch Combo Box object is used to create text selections from a drop-down list. The Touch List Box object, with the same freedom and maneuverability, is used to handle a list of predefined texts.

  • Controlled by gestures
  • All colors customizable
  • Better touch functionality and maneuverability
  • Adjustable item height and scroll sensitivity
  • Adjustable arrow and scrollbar width