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Another reason to love our hardware

iX empowers you with modern tools to communicate. The software combines top-class graphics and smarter functions that provide intuitive operation on the spot. Not to mention the almost limitless connectivity to your other equipment through the extensive list of drivers.

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Are you ready to modernize your operator interface?

iX Developer software from Beijer Electronics together with X2 HMIs will help you to achieve that goal. iX software combines top-class graphics with pre-styled objects and intuitive operation. And our X2 HMIs communicates with any type of PLC, regardless of brand.

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ix HMI software

Efficient workflow

Speed up engineering in an intuitive development environment filled with shortcuts. Pre-styled objects, a customizable workspace, a component library and a smart property grid are some of the features that’ll boost your workflow.

Share your customized objects and advanced script modules with colleagues. They can just import and use them.

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Complete HMI functionality

It's easy to get your application up and running. All essential functions you need are included, such as data logging, recipes, alarms, trends and audit trail.

Take advantage of ready-made objects with built-in functionality, vector-based symbols and graphics that can be easily inserted into the screen.


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Complete HMI functionality

Functionality for advanced users

iX has support for .NET technology, providing options to design specialized functionality. Use C# scripting or .NET components. Take advantage of third party objects and import .NET assemblies to extend the functionality further. Control and exchange data with multiple controllers and enjoy connectivity via SQL, FTP, OPC and web.

Advanced functionality

iX Integrator – streamlined collaboration

iX Integrator is a value-added enhancement to Beijer Electronics’ existing iX Developer software and enables customers to integrate multiple HMIs into a single, shared HMI solution and provide HMI project extensions for their business partners.

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iX HMI gives you all the hardware options you need

A world of hardware choices. And all you need is one software.

iX HMI gives you all the hardware options you need. Choose from popular industrial panels or specialized panels designed for rugged and marine environments. You can even choose integrated CODESYS soft control and soft motion functions.


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