WEBfactory 2010 - web-based SCADA/HMI software

Keep your plant under control - always, everywhere

WEBfactory 2010 is a 100% web based SCADA/HMI software with which you can create advanced process visualization with an individualized design for your machines and plants ranging from power plants up to facility management.

WEBfactory 2010 is a perfect combination of well-engineered SCADA functionality and modern design. An extensive symbol library ensures state-of-the-art process visualizations which you can use on every possible device, independently of its browser or operating system.

WEBfactory 2010 has been successfully implemented cross-industry worldwide within more than 100.000 applications from power plants to building management systems.

  • With Drag & Drop to the process visualization
  • Well-engineered functions and attractive designs
  • Secure investments
  • Modern design with zero-engineering
  • Connection to control systems 
  • Extendable with add-ons

The ideal editor for every project

WEBfactory Studio

With WEBfactory Studio you create, edit and administrate
the project database on the basis of the Microsoft SQL

WEBfactory SmartEditor

The WEBfactory SmartEditor is the ideal tool to create
process visualizations with Drag and Drop, without any
particular programming knowledge.

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio is an advanced graphic
editor for professional configurations of complex WEBfactory
applications while using a diverse scope for design and
sophisticated animations.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Using the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment
you can create the most complex WEBfactory applications
using the WEBfactory symbol libraries as well as add new


WEBfactory Symbol Library

Advanced functionality and attractive design

Over all, the WEBfactory symbol library contains
controls which are needed for nearly every visualization:

  • static symbols for the design of backgrounds and layouts
  • input and output elements with ideal application of touchscreens
  • text display with freely selectable fonts as well asdynamic switching of fore- and background color
  • switches and buttons for the on and off-switching and for setting values
  • numeric and seven-segment-displays for outputs of values with units
  • gauges for graphic displaying of values with freely selectable scaling and colors

Advanced WEBfactory Controls

Display of alarms

With the WEBfactory alarm control you can display, comment and confirm historical and online alarms. An colourful distinction of different status ensures a fast capture and evaluation of the current situation as well as the respective user reaction.


Display of trend curves

WEBfactory Trend Curve Display is a very efficient control with which you can display online process data in combination with historical data in form of trendcurves as well as digital tracks.

Datagrid display

Using the datagrid display (DataTable Control) you can display, export and print process, which were saved as historical values in the Log-Database process data in a table. Respective layouts, selected time frames and displayable process data are saved centrally in a configuration.

User management

With the WEBfactory User Management you can allow or block user activities like value changes or alarm confirmation and change or save configuration settings. The user administration contains features which are required for FDA certification by 21 CFR Part 11.


Operating logbook

WEBfactory operating logbook displays historical alarms, recorded user activities and events of the WEBfactory server in a clear and consecutive list with diverse filter possibilities.


Reports and dashboards

WEBfactory Reportviewer can show historical process and system data in predefined reports within a visualization. You can generate extensive report libraries through parameter settings like start and end date, language and user name.


OEE and KPI's

WEBfactory KPI controls for OEE, availability, alarm frequency and duration is the basis for ideal and transparent machine and system operations. The calculation and update takes place online and within adjustable time intervals on the basis of current process data.

WEBfactory Cluster

Highest availability through redundant server

At any malfunction it will immediately switch onto a parallel server in order to ensure high application availability.

  • easy, dialog-based generation of cluster environment
  • no double hardware due to maximum use of existing resources
  • uninterrupted production due to hot stand-by and the immediate switch from primary to backup server in case of any fault
  • parallel data saving and automatic synchronization between primary and backup server
  • comfortable administration of redundant systems with a web front end

WEBfactory Messenger Pro

Speedy alarming minimize downtime costs

  • sick reports, leave reports and changes in shifts will be considered within the alarm due to links with personnel and ERP systems via standard interfaces
  • direct, fast and secure information of the relevant service personnel 
  • automatic escalation management with receipt confirmation; if no feedback is given the next employee within the registration chain will be informed
  • comfortable administration of personnel and stand-by plans whereby you can combine plans from various sectors into alarm groups
  • changes within stand-by plans will be automatically and immediately adjusted to the respective runtime
  • documentation, evaluation and statistic features provide an overview of the efficiency of the initiated measurements as well as of fault frequency and cause  frequency

WEBfactory Scheduler Pro

Digital timer takes the load off routine

Using WEBfactory SchedulerPro you can automatize switching procedures for particular days, weeks, months or years.

  • extensive planning tools for easy generation, project planning and administration of switching programs
  • descriptive illustration of all switching programs right up to process levels
  • implementation of exceptions using alternative programs
  • compilation of various programs into templatesthat can be reused for similar switching procedures
  • easy integration into existing systems via open interfaces

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