SCADA solutions

Making the most of your data

Our SCADA solutions make the most of your data to visualize and control your processes. Online, in almost real time, added analysis and prediction of events. We collect the data precisely where it occurs. Directly from sensors, in PLC systems or in your MES/ERP system and link the data to information. All made possible by a vast range of interfaces to all common protocols and automation devices.

Our SCADA solutions offer great user experiences through appealing cockpits and dashboards that can be customized to your application. And through the use of HTML5, all major browsers and devices can be used for presentation.


Collect data

i4SCADA makes you completely independent of manufacturers and enables you to easily connect to all common PLC systems, measuring devices and sensors.

Analyze data

i4SCADA processes, compresses and structures the collected data and stores it in the i4 Data Warehouse, optimized and available for fast queries.

Visualize data

i4SCADA is 100% HTML5-based and works with any browser, at any location, on every end device, and for each and every authorized employee.

The web-based visualization software

The i4SCADA visualization software is 100% web-based and can be displayed in any browser or device thanks to HTML5 technology. In addition, i4SCADA has interfaces to all common meter and hardware manufacturers.



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The flexible platform for IIoT scenarios

i4connected provides modules for remote monitoring, SCADA, maintenance, analysis and energy management. Modules can be combined for the specific application and additional i4connected smart services can be used.



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