Remote telemetry units - The RTU32M series

The compact, modular RTU solution featuring hot swap, distributed IOs, redundancy, etc.

The RTU32M series enables you to create scalable solutions that meet user requirements by a modern and flexible architecture. It allows you to connect to any SCADA system with a high level of security in distributed applications such as power distribution, hydro water plants, infrastructure, etc.

The modularity of the RTU32M series makes it simple to build small to large RTU solutions by tailoring the IO configuration to match the needs in your application. Simply start by choosing a CPU and power supply, and the add the different IOs you need.

RTU versus PLC

RTU is the short form for Remote Terminal Unit or Remote Telecontrol Units. RTUs monitor and control field devices and connect to plant control or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems. The RTU32M series offer potential benefits over a PLC:

  • Built-in 4G and router
  • Redundant power supply
  • Support for low-speed or event driven communication over satellite
  • Stores data in the controller if the communication fails

Please note, the RTU32M series is only available in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Digital cockpit

Print a QR code with the IP address of the RTU and stick it on the cabinet. Now you have a digital cockpit enabling you to access the RTU from a laptop or mobile phone for diagnostics and system monitoring.

Upgrade whenever

Scale the solution to your requirements whenever it is needed. Use the same CPU for applications ranging from 8 IO to 1000 IO. Unlock functions, add drivers, upgrade RAM, increase CPU or tags online.

Embedded SCADA

With the built-in web server in the RTU32M you will be able to present application and system data as well as other useful information in HTML5 on any device with the right privilege.

Advanced security

Connect from remote with modern security features that include: Management of User Access and User Authentication, Firewall Implementation, Management of System Services, etc.

Application examples

The RTU32M remote telemetry units enable you to create powerful solutions out of the ordinary. Here is a few examples.

Energy production

Our RTUs help to provide 24/7 uptime by a redundant and easy to setup solution. In addition, they can monitor generator health, heater exchange throughput, etc. as part of proactive maintenance measures and report alarms and historical data via email, SMS and FTP.

Energy distribution

RTUs and data communication are the backbone of the intelligent power grid and combine in flexible solutions for the digitalization of distribution networks. We support energy protocols such as 61850, IEC 60870, DNP, GOOSE and additional fieldbus protocols.


RTUs offer high availability featuring 4G/ 5G station monitoring, switch and communication monitoring by SNMP to predict problems in your network. Digital devices for protection and monitoring can be connected to a decentralized RTU system.

Rail and road

The digitalization of rail and road relies on a robust and reliable communication network. RTU solutions fit well into railway turnout condition monitoring applications, real-time measurements from sensors, road and tunnel management, level crossing monitoring, traction control, etc.

Programming with WorkSuite

WorkSuite is a powerful set of software tools built around the straton logic platform. WorkSuite not only manages logic programs, it allows setup of local and remote IO, communications interfaces, data storage and transfer and creation of user interfaces/HMI panels.

STRATON WorkBench is the developing environment supporting several languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Korean. With a single window for user friendliness and simple toolbar which allows easy adaption for the user. The WorkBench uses drag’n drop and offer powerful online help.

All five programming languages of the IEC61131-3 standard are supported: Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST) and Instruction List (IL). The editor supports powerful free conversion between ST, FBD, LD and IL.


Beauty in the details

Clever details make installation, service and modification less complicated. The RTU32M series units are easily mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail with removable connection terminals.

 1.   High speed processor

 2.   4G capabilities

 3.  Built-in device diagnostics

 4.  Easy assembly, no tools needed

 5.  Built-in USB and Ethernet ports

 6.   Simple module exchange

 7.  QR code for remote diagn0stics


Full connectivity

The RTU32M remote telemetry units support the following protocols and drivers:

Allen-Bradley DF1
DNP3 Master & Client
DNP3 Slave & Server
DNP3 WITS Server
HSR + Teaming/Bonding
IEC60870-5-101 Master & Slave
IEC60870-5-103 Master
IEC60870-5-104 Server & Client – KEMA certified


IEC61850 Client – KEMA certified
IEC61850 Server (incl. GOOSE) – KEMA certified
Modbus Client/Server & Master/Slave
MQTT Client
Omron HostLink
ProfiBus DP Master
ProfiBus DP Slave
ProfiNET Client
PRP + Teaming/Bonding
SNMP Agent


Online configuration tool

Use the online configuration tool to build the system you require, complete with CPU, power supply, IO modules, etc. The configuration tool will provide you with a complete BOM list of all system components.

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