Beijer Electronics nominated as Finalist for Malmö City Business Award - Malmö Company of the Year

This prestigious award is conferred by the City of Malmö on individuals or companies who have distinguished themselves through exemplary business practices, serving as a beacon for the local business community.

Beijer Electronics acquires the software company Smart HMI

Beijer Electronics, part of Ependion has acquired 100% of the German company Smart HMI GmbH based in Meerbusch, a technology company specializing in web technology-based visualization software.

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People use technology in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Wherever there are processes to control and optimize there is a need for smart automation solutions. In the video you can see some of the industries where we have an impact on everyday life.


Companies that work with us:

Beijer Electronics customers


Customer case

Digitalization of the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips

The customer company is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips and one of the largest companies in Taiwan. Beijer Electronics and Korenix have collaboratively provided a digitalization solution for the company’s production process. The company’s clients include Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, Nvidia and others. The customer has rolled out a facility digitalization plan to enhance their production capability by use of big data and predictive maintenance.

Antec Biogas extract green energy out of organic waste with advanced technology

Antec Biogas is specialized in creating profitable biogas production out of organic waste. The innovation increases the gas output up to 98% and enabling green energy and higher ROI. With an advanced control system Antec Biogas can assure a successful and profitable process for their customers.


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